Our philosophy

Our projects embody the simple union of form and function. Stripped of excesses, we can express a pure architectural solution, which thrives in its local environment. Ultimately we aim to deliver pleasurable spaces and volumes to live, work and play in.

At 8 Squared, we don’t like to think we're geographically limited. Our cloud-based server, flexible working hours and our laptops can take us far. We have studios located in Camperdown and the Blue Mountains.
We provide architectural services to the residential and commercial sectors, including property development and access consulting. Our state-of-the-art software combined with highly skilled staff can allow you to visualise your project in real-time 3D.
Directors Josh Allen and Pravi Kumar have over 35 years of combined industry experience. Josh Allen is the Nominated Architect (8035). 8 Squared is fully insured and professionally indemnified.

Our services

The services we offer include residential and commercial architecture, property development and access consulting.


Our residential projects are designed with a high level of stakeholder engagement. Whether we’re serving an owner occupier or investor, the level of amenity of the development is of great importance. We believe that a healthy home that takes in northern light, and summer breezes, opens to the local landscapes and views need not be expensive.

We are able to provide pre-purchase advice to developers, as well as quick feasibility studies that assist in making the right design at the beginning. This approach sees most of our projects being built.

There are many types of fees that architects can charge, including percentage, lump sum, area rates, hourly rates or a combination of the aforementioned for different stages of your project. Speak to us about which type of fee arrangement is suitable for your specific project.

How does it work ?
Stage 1
Develop Client Brief and Schematic Design

Before we jump into the sketch design, it is important to have a clear understanding of your needs from which we can best proceed. Our sketch plans typically take a 3D form, which allows real-time fly-through and walk-through presentations early on. These plans look to hit the mark early, but invariably requires further honing in the subsequent stages to meet fully.

We often recommend providing a couple of options if for example, the brief isn’t clear, or we foresee strong alternative solutions.

Stage 2
Developed Design

Based on the feedback from the previous stage, we look to refine the plans further. This may be as a response to planning layouts, budget or dialogue, ideas and options previously explored.

We may allow for further design revisions in the scope however, typically, here we prepare the plans for development approval, including engaging consultants required for ABSA certification and stormwater designs.

Stage 3
Approval Documents

By this stage, the consultant’s documentation would have been completed. Here we review them and do any minor adjustments to our plans and reports to prepare the full package as required for approval.

Stage 4
Submission + Approval Process

At this point we arrange to print required copies of the submission package, complete forms and submit in person. The approval process may require assistance, feedback or design changes required during the approval process.

Stage 5
Construction Certificate (CC) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC) + Tendering

Once the development is approved or if a CDC is applicable, then we’ll need cover two key areas; attainment of the CC or CDC, and providing sufficient documentation for tendering out to builders.

These documents may include expanded detail plans, selection and assistance with finishes and fixtures, service plans (e.g. lighting, switching), joinery and wet area elevations and detail and a written specification comprising of the above and more.

Talk to us about the quicker, easier, cheaper CDC pathway!

Stage 6
Assistance During Construction

At this stage we offer assistance with selecting a builder, preparation of contracts, observe building progress, provide supplementary sketches, maintain record or variations, issue of certificate and assess defects.

Property Development

Whether you’re a working parent, investor, builder or business, 8 SQUARED can assist with your property development ventures. Our experience ranges from providing feasibility studies and strategic advice, concept design and detail documentation and masterplanning, for projects from alterations and additions to multi-housing sub-divisions.
The balanced experience within our directorship and the proximity with builders equips us to provide up-to-date advice and complete project management.

We have particular expertise in providing developers with new house and land design packages architecturally tailored to the site, offering owners an architectural solution with consideration of solar and breeze access, planning based on orientation and a vibrant range of streetscape presentations; not your typical off-the-shelf project home.

We’re currently working with a top tier developer to deliver over 50 house and land packages within western and north-western Sydney.

Residential apartments, West Gosford
Arcadia apartments - West Gosford

Access Consulting

8 SQUARED has substantial depth of experience in access consulting and a tried and tested methodology to achieve access remediation with realistic budget estimates and planning.

With an architectural background, we are able to provide solutions to DDA and BCA compliance issues, rather than simply highlighting problems. Our approach to access is pragmatic, and is based on first principles rather than direct compliance.

8 SQUARED is currently working with the University of Sydney, UTS, UNSW, and has been recently added to the panel for the University of Wollongong.

We also provide expert access related advice and certifications to fellow Architects.

University of Wollongong


The 8 SQUARED team has been extremely fortunate to have had a long history with community focused developments spanning across Sydney and greater NSW. We have worked extensively with both local government and private sectors.

We have always designed warm and accessible community buildings, and we continue it with the recently completed the Camden Tigers Club Building at Ron Dine Reserve for Camden Council.

Custom parametric facade & fence for an industrial warehouse at Silverwater, Sydney
Custom parametric facade & fence for an industrial warehouse at Silverwater, Sydney.

Our client

Joshua Allen from 8 Squared is currently helping us design our new home, he's very attentive to our requirement and it's been a pleasure working with him. We're looking forward to engaging 8 Squared through to the completion of the build.
- Martin from East Gardens -
I find Pravi at 8 Squared very nice to work with. He is always responsive and follows through on our requests.
- Gemma Leung from Ryde -
Brilliant! Pravi is absolutely perfect for the job that we got him for.
- Dawn from St Ives -
Pravi from 8 Squared Architects is very good, we have been working with him for a while now and we've been happy with his work.
- Louie Langov from Bardia -
I had Pravi from 8 Squared Architects design a home from scratch for me. Wow was it amazing. A brilliant looking modern design that really blew me away and now we have commenced building it will be very exciting to see it take form. Fantastic stuff, many thanks to Pravi.
- Remonda from Kingsgrove -
Showed up on time. Had some great ideas. Did some really great work.
- Mark from Dulwich Hill -
Excellent and Prompt service. I was overall very happy with the service I received from 8 Squared Architects. They delivered the job within a very short time frame at a reasonable price.
- Sharon from Mortlake -
I would thoroughly recommend Pravi for any work you may need. He listened to what I needed, was prompt and punctual (despite his wife recently having a baby!) and conducted himself in a professional manner. i'll be using him again if i have any further renovation/building work.
- Stuart from Newtown -

Our work

At 8 SQUARED, we work on approximately over 30 projects each year, and below is a compilation of those that are most memorable over the years.

Duplex in Balgowlah

September 2019

Private Residence in Middle Cove

September 2019

Residential apartments in West Gosford

January 2019
Arcadia apartments are located in West Gosford, 50km North of Sydney.

Townhouses in Jordan Springs

January 2017
Townhouses in Jordan Springs

Did you know ?

At 8 SQUARED, we work with the latest state-of-the art 3D CAD Software, giving you the possibility to explore your future project at home on any of your devices!

Meet the team

Josh Allen, Director & Principal Architect

Joshua Allen


Josh’s experience, spanning more than 20 years in the Architectural profession, has included procurement, design, documentation and management of medium to large residential, institutional and commercial projects.With degrees from both University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and University of New-South Wales (UNSW), he brings a refreshing balance of creativity, pragmatism and technical knowledge to all projects.

  • jallen@8squared.com.au
Pravi Kumar, Project Manager

Pravikash Kumar


Pravi has enjoyed an array of experience during his 15 years in the industry. Combining technical skill with contemporary project management, he has experience in all aspects of delivery in the areas of education, commercial, government and residential. Pravi holds degrees in both Architecture and Project Management, which has helped mould the firm into a creative design studio, balanced with a presence to deliver to multi-stakeholder expectations. Pravi is currently heading a strategic approach to fill the gap between site specific architectural projects and off-the-shelf buildings.

  • pkumar@8squared.com.au
Julien Sauca, Associate Director

Julien Sauca


Julien Sauca was recently appointed Associate of 8 SQUARED Architects, shortly after graduating with his Masters in Architecture from the University of Sydney. In his short time with the firm, Julien has not only honed his multi-faceted skill base, but has re-conceptualised how the firm uses innovation and technology to deliver documentation to stakeholders. Now, Julien allows 8 SQUARED to communicate with vivid documents in 2D, 3D as well as Virtual Reality (VR). He's a great designer to boot!

  • jsauca@8squared.com.au

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