generous living on a small footprint

Located 53km west of Sydney, this new suburb of Jordan Springs comprises new attached, detached dwellings and apartments as well as commercial hub, all set around lakes, public cycleways and paths. A fantastic canvas for any architect!

8 Squared Architects were approached by a leading developer to provide a row of townhouses which addressed the park and lake at the rear while considering northern sunlight. A contradiction which we have consistently resolved with other Medium Density Housing projects including duplex and villa developments.

Our architectural solution for Jordan Springs; a two level stair void and ‘light well’ in the design which allows sunlight to filter through to the upstairs and downstairs living rooms facing the rear lake.

The clean lines, layering and textures of the facade along with vertical and horizontal metal screening have a purpose; to articulate the facade, entrance and balcony and provide privacy and sun control. You wouldn’t know it, but all the floor plans are the same, just flipped or doubled!

Efficient planning allowed us to fit 3 livings spaces, 4 generous bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms and double garage, all in about 210m2 enclosed floor area. This left an unprecedented area at the rear for outdoor dining and entertainment. All in all, this development is generous living on a small footprint.

The generosity continues with balconies on the first floor that are at least 1.5m in wide, and two are provided; one providing good surveillance of the streetscape, and one at the rear which overlooks Melaleuca Lake.

Being one of the first development of its kind in the area, we hope to have set a high benchmark for quality of form and function. A standard we hope challenges the standard of design and development anywhere in Sydney and one that will continue to add value to the lives of its inhabiters, and investors for many years to come.

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