Set amongst Australian architectural royalty the existing house had amazing mid century bones, in one of Sydney’s most exclusive suburbs. Aside from the development approval itself, the challenge was to meet the client’s brief without detracting from the character and context. Siting the additions was key with a large neighbouring house to the North and a significant heritage house to the south. Abundant constraints required the coordination of multiple consultants and contractors, including bushfire, arborist, heritage, landscape, stormwater engineer, structural engineer, interior designer, pool, surveyor and planner. 
Surrounded by towering natives, we needed to balance maximizing harbour views with the natural landscape setting. The initial concept design focused on splitting the levels of the main addition to work with the natural topography of the site and to effectively zone the complex needs of the client. Stepping down half a level integrated access to existing levels of the house and facilitated a new relationship between the house and the pool. It also allowed existing views to be retained and reduced impact on neighbours.
The new glazed stair void provides perfect separation and articulation between old and new. Large areas of glazing and a heroic cantilever over the pool was a significant challenge in the flame zone category area. Internal glazing to the void maximises natural light and provides a gallery space to view the impressive display in the garage below.
The existing architecture obviously informs the new, with strong horizontal lines, neutral palette and repeated glazing patterns predominant. 
The construction certificate program allowed us to seamless marry the architecture inside, and see it though to completion with the head contractor. Despite the minimalist appearance, the house is tech heavy with automated blinds, hidden TV’s, high end audio and lighting throughout and even a hidden wine cellar! Extensive natural stone paving and sandstone garden walls combine with strategic planting to ground the building to the surrounds.

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